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What is the good Social Platform for getting much traffic?

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What is the good Social Platform for getting much traffic?

Where I can find a lot of traffic for my website? Is there any Best Social Media Platform for this?
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honestly, it depends on your niche. you can find almost any niche on any social platform, and find the people there interested in your topic. build a community around your topic and make promoting your website a natural part of sharing with that community. I have done ok using Facebook and YouTube. to use these, take content from your site, repurpose it into social posts and videos and share them with like minded commmunity.
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I agree with @jmpruitt. It will depend on your niche and where your target market is. It is best to have a go of the different platforms available to you and experiment which platform works well in terms of traffic and also conversion.
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On social media, you have to use visuals to drive traffic to your website. One of the best avenues for visuals continues to be Instagram. With more than 80 million photos and videos shared each day, there's a lot of competition.
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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram will always be leading platforms for promoting your products & services whichever industry vertical you be in.
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Facebook and Instagram, but it depends on your niche and target traffic.
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Now a day's Youtube is going to be more popular. You can go with them.
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Through reaching more people with your content and getting them to click on your links, you are driving more traffic to your site. The best way to do this is by getting your current audience to share your content with their networks. So, if you want to push more social media traffic, you need to make it easy for your blog readers to share your posts on social media.
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