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How do I install AffiloTheme on my self-hosted Wordpress site using FTP?

Important: This tutorial is for AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint members who chose to host their website on Affilorama Premium Hosting or on any other 3rd-party hosting company (e.g., Hostgator).

Because AffiloTheme is quite a large file, you will often find that you can't install it through the Themes area inside WordPress itself. (You'll get an error message.)

So instead we recommend that you upload AffiloTheme manually, either through an FTP program like FileZilla or Cyberduck, or through the File Manager tool inside your website's cPanel. 

If your hosting comes with cPanel, please follow our instructions for installing AffiloTheme via cPanel, since it doesn't require downloading any additional software. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Things you need for this tutorial:

1. You need an FTP program such as FileZilla or Cyberduck installed on your computer. Windows and Mac users may download FileZilla or Cyberduck from the respective links below:

You only need one FTP client for installing AffiloTheme. We've used FileZilla for this tutorial but the steps you need to follow if you are using Cyberduck or any other FTP client are basically the same, with a few cosmetic differences. 

2. You need your hosting account's FTP login details:

  • FTP host/server
  • FTP username
  • FTP password
  • FTP port (default is port 21)

This information will usually have been emailed to you when you first set up your hosting account. If you get stuck, contact your hosting provider and they should be able to sort it out for you. 

Premium Hosting users can find the above information within the Premium Hosting control panel.

3. You need a file (de)archiving tool so that you can unzip the AffiloTheme files. You'll probably have something that can accomplish this already installed on your computer, so don't worry too much at this stage. You'll find out pretty soon if you don't have this capability. If this ends up being the case, you can grab and use 7-zip file archiver tool . It's good, and free. 


Here are the steps you need to follow when uploading AffiloTheme via FTP:

  1. Download the latest version of AffiloTheme and save it to your desktop. Find instructions for downloading AffiloTheme here.



  2. Right-click the file and click Extract All.



  3. Launch the FileZilla FTP program and then enter the FTP host, FTP username, password and FTP port on the corresponding fields provided in FileZilla. The default FTP port used by most hosting servers is 21. Remember you should be able to find these details in the welcome email you received from your hosting company. 



  4. Click Quickconnect. This will let you login to your hosting account via FTP. If you are unable to connect, first check that you've entered the FTP hostFTP username and password correctly. Then check whether your hosting company requires you to unlock FTP before you can use it. (Affilorama Premium Hosting requires you to unlock FTP first. You will find this in the right column of your admin area.)



  5. Once logged in, open your WordPress site's themes directory. It will usually be found inside public_html / wp-content on the Remote Site section of FileZilla. If you don't see a public_html folder, see if you have one called www instead. (If you click into it and you see wp-content, you're in the right place!)



  6. Select the affilotheme_2 folder you extracted to your desktop earlier in the Local Site section of FileZilla. You may need to navigate to your downloads folder, if that is where your downloads normally go. 



  7. Drag the affilotheme_2 folder from the Local Site to the themes directory of the Remote Site as shown below. Make sure you only release the affilotheme_2 folder right into the themes directory as shown in the screenshot. (If it goes anywhere else, you won't be able to activate it.) Once released, FileZilla will now start uploading AffiloTheme into your WordPress site. This process could take 30-60 minutes to complete since there are a lot of small files to upload. 



    Note: If you're installed the theme on an Add On domain (i.e., when you have multiple domains hosted on the same hosting account), make sure you are uploading the files to the correct website. You will probably need to go into the folder named after the addon domain immediately after you get into your public_html or www folder. (So it will be public_html/yourdomainname/wp-content)

  8. Once the upload is finished, check if the affilotheme_2 folder was properly uploaded to your website. You will know if AffiloTheme was properly uploaded if you see it saved beside the other themes already installed on your WordPress site. You might need to refresh the Remote Site to to see the affilotheme_2 folder. To refresh, right-click on Remote Site and select Refresh.


  9. You also need to check if there is an uploads folder in the wp-content directory.



    You need to create the uploads directory if it does not exist. Do not delete or replace any existing uploads directory. The uploads folder contains all your previously uploaded images, videos and other media files. Replacing or deleting this directory will completely remove these media files from the server.

  10. Logon to your Wordpress admin. Your WordPress admin URL follows this format



  11. On your WordPress dashboard, click Themes under the Appearance menu.



  12. Look for AffiloTheme V4 from the list of themes and then click the Activate link below it.


    Note: In order for Affilotheme to be installed properly, it is important that you activate the base AffiloTheme theme (AffiloTheme V4) and not one of the AffiloTheme designs.



  13. You will be brought to the AffiloTheme Launchpage page once AffiloTheme is activated. Click the Change my site look to select your preferred site layout and design.


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