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Top signs that your website needs redesign

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Top signs that your website needs redesign

It's is very difficult for website owners to know that if their website needs to be redesigned. There are lot of signs that can help you to get an idea if your website needs a redesign.

Here is a list of few signs:

High Bounce rate of your website
Less Mobile device visitors
Less Pages/visits
Less average visit duration
Website has good presence in SEs and social media but less leads
Navigation is too confusing
Competition with cool looking websites
Less repeat visitors

Google analytics is one of the best tool to study your visitors' behavior. Many people just ignore the importance of Google analytics traffic stats for improving their website's performance.

Start analyzing your Google analytics profile and get more traffic, leads and sales.

If you have more ideas then feel free to share through this thread.

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Talking about website redesign.

I just build a website and I am looking for someone to check it for me and give me their opinion.

I need someone to check the spelling and grammar and that I am doing the right thing.

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Salamatu Kamara

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