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  • Problems with downloading PDF files

    If you are having problems downloading a PDF file from the Affilorama website, then here are some tips that might help.  The best way to download the file is to...
  • Can I have my Affilojetpack site reviewed?

    We provide full website critique for Affilojetpack members who have completed their sites. If you want to have your site reviewed, please post your request in the Website...


Help with Logins


Registration and Subscription

  • How can I be an Affilorama member?

    Registering as an Affilorama member is easy and completely FREE of charge! You will get an invitation to register as soon as you visit the site. Simply follow the prompts to...
  • How Do I Change My Payment Method?

    Your credit card details are stored with our payment provider, ClickBank, so we are unable to update your details for you. You need to use one of the following...
  • How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter?

    You can unsubscribe from any of the Affilorama newsletters at any time. Before you do, remember that by unsubscribing you will: No longer receive free affiliate marketing...



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