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How to use CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Formerly Commission Junction)

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How to use CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Formerly Commission Junction)

2011-11-16 02:50:42

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is a little more difficult to get used to than Clickbank, but with a little bit of practice you’ll be able to whiz around it in no time!

To get started, go to the homepage at www.cj.com. To become a publisher, click on "Publisher" on the top menu.

CJ Affiliate Publisher Signup

Then, to begin the signup process, click on ‘Sign Up" button. Now you are in the signup form! Select your language, fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Email and click ‘next’. You will then need to check your inbox for the confirmation email to continue.

CJ Affiliate- Confirmation email

Once you have confirmed your account, you will be taken to another form called "Publisher Sign Up Form", where you fill in more information about your Publisher account.

Now you get to enter the useful information! Here you must put in details about your website. If you have more than one website, just enter the details of your best or most prominent website – you can add information about the other’s later. Now, fill out your own details.


CJ Affiliate- Publisher Sign Up Form

Once you’ve filled out all this information, click ‘Accept Terms’. You must then read through CJ Affiliate's Publisher Service Agreement. Make sure you agree with their terms and conditions, their code of conduct, and their privacy policy.

Also be aware that you must be over 18 to sign up for CJ, and authorized to act on behalf of a company if you are signing up as a company.

accept terms

You will be redirected to the log in page after accepting the terms.


Once you’ve logged into CJ Affiliate, one of the first things you’ll need to do is fill out your tax information; the specifics of this will depend on whether you’re inside or outside the US, but to fill it out go to your account settings, click on administrative settings and then ‘edit’ your tax information. Please make sure you read the forms carefully to make sure you have the right one.

Searching For An Affiliate Program

Right, let’s find some products! To look at your advertiser options, we need to go to the ‘Advertisers’ tab. This will put you in the General Categories sub tab – from here you can find advertisers in your specific niche.


For this video I’m going to take a look in the Health and Wellness niche. Once you’ve selected your niche, you’ll be presented with a list that looks a little like the following. Just a quick explanation of each of these columns:


The first column is the ‘Advertiser’ – it’s the actual company doing the advertising. The ‘3 Month EPC’ Column is the calculated average amount of income earned from this advertiser for every 100 clicks their links got, based on three months worth of data. The 7-day EPC is the same, but based on the last seven days.

The Network Earnings column is basically a general scale to show the volume of commission that the advertiser has paid out to publishers; the more green, the better.

The last column shows whether or not you are a part of this Advertiser’s program, and you can apply for any one by clicking on the green plus symbol. You can also clock on the "P" button to view their products, or the link button to look at what kinds of link resources they have to offer you. 

Applying For An Affiliate Program

Let’s apply to an advertiser! I’m going to select the first one from the ‘Health and Wellness’ niche. To apply, you can click on the company’s name to pull up their details. Here you can read more information about them, how the commission works, and if there are any restrictions around using their links.

advertiser details

Most publishers will restrict bidding on their trademarked names. Some publishers include other specific restrictions, so make sure you’ve read the details carefully.

Once you’re ready to Apply, just click on that small "+" button to the right.

Note that some programs will automatically reject you, for whatever reason (e.g. too new, etc), but otherwise most Advertiser applications will sit in a queue until they either authorize or decline you.

For now, you’ll just have to wait until your applications are approved.

Once your application is approved you'll be able to view the advertiser by selecting "My Advertisers" in the left-hand side-bar menu.

my advertisers

You can also select your pending applications or declined applications to see those too.

To actually get your affiliate links, head to the "Links" tab at the top. You can select the type of link you’d like in the menu on the left; for example, I want a text link.

link type

Once you click on the link type, you will be provided with a list of potential links you can use. These links might be for special offers or various products. These will only become available to you after your application has been approved.

Anyway, while you’re waiting for your first application to be approved so you can actually get links, let’s take a quick look around the rest of CJ.

To check your affiliate earnings with CJ, click on the ‘Reports’ tab. The information is fairly straightforward, and shows your current balance and commissions pending; Right now, they probably look like my account, if your account is brand new.

Finally, the other main component you need to know about right now is ‘Mail’. This is where you find out if your applications have been declined or approved, where you’ll learn about important updates and changes, and where you can contact advertisers.

And there we have it! That was a basic rundown of how to use CJ Affiliate by Conversant; Feel free to go ahead and apply for some more programs!


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Questions & Comments + Add a comment

Reply shashikant jadhav
How to complete my network profile to get more advertisers?
Hii, I am from Karnataka and my name is Beena. I have joined cj affiliate conversant and i have joined programs and pasted it in facebook page and also saved it what is the next step that i have to do? Plzz help me.
Reply Ole Bendik Thorvik
Hi, is it still possible to advertise CJ-websites directly with Google adwords, or do you have to make a website for the different companies and products?

Best regards
Gina Broom
Hi Ole,

Best practise is generally to build a website based around a topic, and then promote a few products from an affiliate network (like CJ) that align with that topic. Then, you'd advertise to get traffic to your website where you promote these products, for them to then click through to the merchant.

As far as direct linking through AdWords goes, I wouldn't recommend it. On most affiliate networks, the merchants will outline what they're ok with in their guidelines, but many don't allow it, as they won't want to compete with you to get traffic this way.

I've found this for you for a bit of extra information: http://affengineer.com/2014/06/11/can-direct-link-google-adwords-ppc-campaigns/

I hope I've managed to answer your question, just let me know if you have any others. :)
Reply oussama sebti
Hi,I have signed up with commission junction and I have a problem with the tax information, I did not know how to fill out this form and I am from algeria,could you help please,thank's.
Gina Broom
Hi Oussama,

The CJ support staff will be best equipped to help you with that, you can contact them here: http://www.cj.com/support-center

Best of luck. :)
- Gina
Reply Kelechi Nwachukwu
Please what is meant by 30 and 90 days cookie period that I see on CJ?
Melissa Johnson
Hi, Kelechi!

When you visit a website, it puts a "cookie" on your computer as a way of tracking you. Cookies aren't a bad thing. It helps the site recognize that you're a returning visitor so it can give you recommendations, save your login info, etc.

From the affiliate's standpoint, cookies help the affiliate programs identify where their referrals come from. A 30-day cookie means that it's active for 30 days. If the referral makes a purchase within 30 days, you get the credit. If it's the 31st day, you don't. A 90-day cookie is the same way. You have up to 90 days for the buyer to make a purchase for you to get the credit. Obviously, the longer the cookie lasts, the better it is for you!

Hope that helps. There's more information about cookies here: http://www.webopedia.com/DidYouKnow/Internet/all_about_cookies.asp
Reply Dipraj Goswami
I am unable to watch this video lesson, It's not opening unfortunately rest all seems oki :
Melissa Johnson
Hi there!

I am sorry about that -- the video seems to be working again, but if you still have trouble, I recommend contacting our support team.

Reply Ravi Kumar S

I want to promote a web hosting offer in UK but serviceable area showing as US and Canada. can we promote offers outside serviceable area in commission junction, will I still get paid
Melissa Johnson
Hi, Ravi --

I was not able to find an answer to your question. My guess is no, you wouldn't be able to, but you'd have to contact the publisher and/or CJ Affiliate.

You may also have some luck if you contact our support team!
Reply Parvej Mosaraf
Hi this is Parvej .
Can any one help me to connect clickbank to affoloroma.
Melissa Johnson
Hi, Parjev!

Our support team will be happy to help you!

Reply Anthony Onwuha
Hi my name is Antony, i have a blog site.can i use cj on blog site?

Melissa Johnson
That depends on the affiliate program requirements!

You can see what experiences other affiliates have had, and their recommendations, on our forum:

Reply shashikant jadhav
I have a cj publisher account and I promoted some cj products on my blog www.adsit.in but I can't sale a products. I want more traffic from us,uk,aus and some other country. Can you help me to get traffic from these countries and How to promot my blog in this country?


Thank you
Cecille Loorluis
I'm sorry, we don't offer traffic or help with SEO. We do have lessons on inbound marketing and SEO that can give you ideas on how to drive traffic to your website:

Hope that helps. All the best!
Hi. admin ơi What new day to sum up the commission?
Best regards
Justin Golschneider
Hi Phuc! CJ pays out within 20 days of the end of the month, as long as your account meets the minimum payment threshold of $50.
Reply Jan Lane
Hi, what if i make more than $50 in my account will CJ pay me the entire money in my account when i reach the threshold.
Reply Majid
Hi, what shall I add in the (software name & version) in the "Add Software Disclosure Agreement" section? It's very confusing, i am trying to set up my account for the first time and i need to get it sorted. Can anyone please help?
Cecille Loorluis
Hi Majid,

I don't think you need to sign add a software or sign that particular disclosure agreement unless you are going to use a specific software in promoting CJ products.

All the best!
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