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Why I Read Women's Fitness Magazines

Why I Read Women's Fitness Magazines

In case you don’t know, my name is Clayton Terao; I haven’t really been on Affilorama much lately, but I guess I’m probably  best known for doing AffiloBlueprint non-stop for one year and writing about it on my blog. Anyway, I have a secret to confess.  Do you promise not to tell anyone?

I read women’s fitness magazines.

Kind of weird, huh?  But I can assure you I have my reasons.  Here’s the story of how I got pulled into the unusual and embarrassing habit:

A few years ago, before I had ever gotten into internet marketing or found Affilorama, I lived in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and rented a run-down shack right next to the rail road tracks - not exactly glamorous, but I was a “starving student” back then and not only was this shack affordable, but it was also right next to the university -  two very good points (though the midnight trains would wake me up every night as they blared by - major down side).

Anyway, one day a guy came by and knocked on my door.  He wasn’t really easy to understand but, from what I could make out, I thought he said that he was new to the neighborhood and just meeting the neighbors.  I was trying to makes some friends outside of my school program, so I invited him in.

I quickly realized that he was actually a door-to-door magazine salesman.  I was getting ready to send him on his way, when he mentioned that a portion of all the sales he made would go to help fund diabetes research. Since my mother has diabetes, I decided to be a “good samaritan” and get something from him.  I didn’t particularly want any of his magazines, so he just sold me the most popular one - a women’s fitness magazine.  I gave him $20 and felt better knowing that I was doing my part to combat diabetes.

A few weeks later, I started getting embarrassing magazines in my mail box. (Just a note to any guys out there: having women’s fitness magazines delivered to your house does NOT help you with women - either that or it was the fact I lived in a run-down shack by the rail road tracks) For the longest time, I would just throw them out - after all, I wasn’t really overweight or anything (oh yeah, and I’m not a woman!).

Fast forward a bit and I’d finished school and started doing internet marketing.  I had purchased AffiloBlueprint and I built a few sites. Then one day, I got my embarrassing magazine in the mail again.  I had a girlfriend by this time but, still, getting women’s fitness magazines delivered in your name doesn’t exactly score you a lot of “manly points.”

Instead of just throwing it out or handing it to my girlfriend, I actually took a look at it.  I saw all kinds of headlines like “6 Superfoods for Weight Loss,” “How to Drop a Dress Size in 2 Weeks,” and “The Baby Food Diet: Should You Try Hollywood’s Latest Trend?” I was amazed!  Here I had been tossing this magazine out for months, when it had all this great marketing in it! I ravenously read through the magazine and got two great things out of it:

First, I got an inside look at the weight loss niche.  I’ve never really been overweight in my life, so I never really “got” the weight loss niche.  But this magazine showed me what kinds of things are important for people interested in losing weight. I was getting amazing keyword research ideas, which actually turned out to be keywords that are a lot easier to rank for compared to the keywords that most marketers will target like “lose weight fast,” “how to quickly lose weight,” or “lose belly fat.” By looking at the magazine, I learned about all kinds of article topics and keywords that allowed me to side-step all the other marketers writing about the same boring topics.

Secondly, I also got to see how professional marketers would catch their readers’ attention.  I felt a little foolish that not only was I trying to rank for keywords like “lose weight fast,” but that the title of my article was simply “Lose Weight Fast.” How boring is that?  Even if I did somehow rank #1 in Google for that keyword, who would want to click on that headline?  Wouldn’t something like “Want to Lose Weight Fast? Discover 3 Shockingly Easy Methods” be much more effective?  Turns out it is. You can use these marketing tricks for your article headlines, your e-mail subject lines, your calls to action, and pretty much anything else.

After that, I was completely hooked on marketing.  I would look forward to getting my women’s fitness magazine in the mail each month.  These days I actually go to the bookstore for the sole purpose of browsing through the magazine section and looking for keyword ideas and copy-writing and marketing strategies.  I love looking at ads everywhere I go and studying them: on billboards, on the sides of buses, and on TV.

So, if you’d like to get a better understanding of your niche, or just some marketing tactics in general, take the time to pick up a magazine and see what they are talking about and how the magazine sells itself on the newsstand.  You can learn immensely from studying what other marketers are doing.

If you want more about me, you can check out my blog at: www.journeyofmyown.com.

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  • Reply Rachael McNaught3141 days ago

    Jeepers you write a good story!

    At least women's fitness magazines can have some 'eye candy' in them that you could have used as an excuse - Rach used to get 'Truck and Driver'. Less drama, less information, less keyword research and startling headlines and certainly less 'eye candy' :o)

    Cool tip though, thanks

  • Reply Clayton A Terao3138 days ago

    Yeah, I think you'd probably learn the most from magazines in big niches like fitness, weight loss, or money.

    The marketing team there is probably a lot sharper due to the competitiveness of the niche. Smaller niches, I think can get away with being a little "sloppier."

  • Reply Harry • 3138 days ago

    I have read Clayton's blog for some time (irregularly). If you want an honest glimpse of the highs and lows of internet (affiliate) marketing read his blog. It is from the perspective of someone actually doing it and succeeding (and not making a wild and outrageous claims). It honest and with no hype. Highly recommended.

    I am also looking at the weigh loss niche - great blog post.

  • Reply Shaun Y • 3135 days ago

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us Clayton. Those are really good points, and another reason why it certainly pays to duck into the local book store once in a while and flip through some magazines even if it's not something that you'd normally read :)

    You never know what great ideas might pop out at you.


  • Reply James Pruitt3135 days ago

    Great Post there Clayton. I totally agree. An easy way to get all that for free is the public library (if you have one). I go to the library a couple of times a month, browse through the periodicals, check out any new books they have related to my niches, and see what all is going on.

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