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Six Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Success

Six Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Success

When you first start out with Internet Marketing it can be a bit overwhelming to say the very least. Learning how to make and market a website is no easy task and while you are trying to do it you are constantly bombarded with all the latest tricks and gizmos that will supposedly make your job 100% easier.

Since starting out in IM in the fall of 2009 I've picked up a few bits of advice that I think are worth sharing (in no particular order):

There Is No Easy Button

No matter how often you hear it, there is no easy route. No push button device exists that will make you 25,000 a day with no work. Internet marketing is hard work. If you are looking for an easy, push button business and heard that IM is it then you have been mislead.

Join Mail Lists With Caution

A lot of mail lists will do nothing but clog up your in-box and your brain. Why? Because they lead you to distraction by pushing yet another product that you must have in order to succeed. Choose wisely, there are lists out there that offer valuable information without an overabundance of sales pitches.

Don't Jump From One System To Another

In September of 2009 I started a couple of sites with the Affilorama system. As many of you will experience, I got frustrated by the slow progress I was making and distracted by all the offers and sales pitches I was getting. Even though I didn't really believe that I could start making $45,236 a day in as little as 2 days, these pitches tugged at my desire to be successful and I jumped on board.


I lost sight of my original plan and moved from one thing to another without really accomplishing anything and the system I learned here became a distant memory. Once I got back on track in August and put what I had learned together with the Affilojetpack into my seduction techniques site I started seeing results.


I can't stress this enough: don't jump from one system to another.Find a system that is proven to work and work it until it works for you. As long as the system follows the basic strategies of keyword research and traffic generation it will work, as long as your are willing to put in the effort.

Rinse and Repeat

You've heard this time and time again for only one reason - it's true. Once you find something that works,do it again. Why reinvent the wheel? Rinse and repeat and scale up by reinvesting your profits back into your system until you reach your goal.

Stop Checking Your Stats

Are you a stats addict? Do you constantly find yourself logging into your affiliate accounts to find out if someone bought something? When they do... do you worry that they'll return it? How about rankings? Do you plug your keywords into the search engines daily to see where you stand? Are you excited when rankings improve and disappointed when they don't? How about backlinks? Are you checking for those too? Wondering when they'll show up or where they went?


This will drive you crazy. Adopt a plan to only check your stats once per week and stick to it. Checking your stats weekly is enough to see the results of your actions and will help reduce the up and down emotions that looking at things daily can create.

Take Action

It's important to differentiate between when you are actually doing something that will help your rankings and traffic progress versus checking to see if your rankings and traffic have progressed. When I decide that I won't do anything but submit articles, do keyword research or what-have-you for the next hour or so, it's amazing what happens. Stuff gets done. And when stuff gets done, rankings and traffic improve.

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  • Reply Scott Elmore3260 days ago

    Wow, it's like you have been peering into my mind! I agree, It's so easy to get distracted. especialy if someone is dangling the proverbial carrot!
    Something I have learned to do...go the old school route and write some notes on a pad of paper. make a brief outline of what you will do today as you are thinking about them.
    Why a notepad and not the computer? because it's different, it allows you to look at something other than the computer. It allows you to organize your thoughts without the distraction. But you must do it. I am even guilty of not doing it all the time. If a notepad is too much, try post it notes. I have even seen staff at afilorama wallpapering their workstations with post it notes.

  • Reply Jaye Evans3260 days ago

    Beldin, nice post. I know a lot about jumping from one system to another. It took my focus from what I had set out to achieve from way back in August and I can add that it gets addictive. At some point I had successfully unsubscribed from all lists I had previously joined only to find myself having re-started the trend without even noticing. But, isn't it what we're trying to do as well, to get others onto our lists?

  • Reply kvgadams3260 days ago

    Excellent advice. I plan to put it to use right away.

  • Reply Brian Brunk3260 days ago

    Wow, nice article, your preaching to the choir there. I find myself getting sidetracked all the time, checking out new products and webinars. We just need to stay focused and concentrate on getting traffic and building our sites.

  • Reply Stephen McGouran3259 days ago

    Great Post man , I checked out your site there and it's great to see what can be done with all of the Info you used from the Jetpack!!

  • Reply Stephen Rutherford3259 days ago

    @AdminScott, You know it's funny... we all get so focused on using the computer that I think we've forgotten how beneficial a constant visual reminder that sits right in front of us can be. My desk has a few of the more important things I need to do, as well as my outlines for backlinkings, etc... all sitting there for easy reading on plain old paper pads.

    @Jaye Evans, Thanks for the comments. It's true that the lists we are on are no different than our own. They are affiliates trying to promote their product by offering something useful to gain our trust. If you are on lists now, one of the best things you can do is pay attention to how they communicate with you. What do they say? Where are their links? Use it as a learning tool for the information it provides as well as how it's laid out. I find that certain formats make me want to run away, while others are good at drawing me in. If you use it all as a learning experience you'll benefit in the long run.

    @StephenMcGouran, That site is one I put up right after signing up for AJP. It was actually one of the first ones I had completed fully since getting involved with Affilorama and I thought it all came together nicely. Traffic levels are slowly moving up as my ranking increase and I've made a few sales on it. Just wish I'd stuck with one technique (Affilorama anybody?) since I began and I'd be a lot further ahead.

    Thanks to everyone else for their comments!

  • Reply Shalisha Alston3259 days ago

    Thank you so much for your honest post! There are no short cuts to success. What you put in, you get out! Great post.

  • Reply Andrea de Alva Alvarez3256 days ago

    Wow! I feel so relieved to see "I'm not alone" when it's about getting distracted! I consider myself a very newbie, and some times I have doubts about going on with this, as it is taking me years to get all the info and things done... you know, my first languge is Spanish, so... I'm also working on translating many things!! Any way, I just wanted to tell you I've found Affiorama and specially, Affilojetpack, Mark and members, the most complete & honest place to learn about IM!!! Thanks so much for the motivation and advise!!!

  • Reply unit holland3253 days ago

    Do you read palms too? It sure is nice to know I'm not the only one that is a stats freak, I know it's wrong I just can't seem to say no, it's like crack or something, I just got to see this one more stat then I'll get back to link building, lol. All right good luck to all, I'm off to build links (right after I check my hop count today) LOL.

  • Reply jon moulder3252 days ago

    Yeah, I agree. Make a list and stick it where you'll see it. Here's my 10 Internet Marketing Golden Rules...


    Anyway that's mine, anyone else have a list to share?



  • Reply John Perkins3250 days ago

    Excellent post!
    Taking concerted action is something we are still struggling with after 18 months.
    The "25 things to do today and only 24 hours" syndrome can become overwhelming, it's so important to choose a focused task and stick to it till it's done.

    The post-it notes used to work well for me, but now my desk is so covered in them my brain has trained itself not to notice them, any suggestions? :-)

  • Reply johnyjimmy3242 days ago

    Hats off to Andrea - my spanish is not beuno. Yes I admit to being a curious monkey. As I always say ' chasing the next shiny bright thing' (well I copied that off Jim Cockrum - I don't know where he got the saying, but it's a good one). My irony is that I heard of Mark Ling and Affilorama in 2006, met him at World Internet Summit in Melbourne, we live in the same hometown of Christchurch NZ, and I've gone around the world (Internet wise) buying and testing 'shiny bright things' from UK, USA etc and have come full-circle to Mark's organisation. I have been hitting the brick-wall of technology, or marketers who don't follow through with their support or their product promises, so am looking at Affilojetpack as being a good way to 'outsource' my technowork and get to that internet trough. So good on you KIwi.
    As my mother-in-law says - you can do anything you want, but you can't do everything, so focus on a proven pathway, and stick to it, is what I have to do. Otherwise you get overloaded, bogged down and the motor blows up.
    Ciao JJ

  • Reply Robert Conner3241 days ago

    I've sort of fallen into this same rut recently. The last couple of months just have not been kind personally and I just haven't been able to motivate myself to get anything done. But, I have managed to stray and look into other ventures, but I finally sat down the other night and started working.

    The biggest thing ahead of me now is getting everything scheduled, and praying my internet connection cooperates. It's hard doing this with a full time job, but I'm committed to getting away from it since I only make $1000/month.

    I am glad to see I'm not the only one that's been through this, I just need to reorganize my schedule and just set to it. Thanks for the encouragement.


  • Reply Andrea SIeres3233 days ago

    Excellent post. It is nice to feel you are not alone with this crazy industry trappings. I am anxious to get back to my site too as I have been sidetracked by life. I have requested support in the feedback area for review on my site. Hopefully you all read that over there too and can help a girl out. Good opinions and advice from each other are worth a lot!!
    Thanks again!

  • Reply Wind • 2798 days ago

    Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after sevreal days struggling

  • Reply Shalisha Alston2797 days ago

    Beldin, thank you for this post. Since joining Affilorama, I've gotten sidetraced quite a few times even though my sites were making money. They weren't making money fast enough. So I still bought the shiny new things, which only threw me off track.

    But you are right, there is a simple recipe for success once you get a system that works. And I sometimes get swept up in the "click one button" BS.

    I accept that it takes effort and time to build a successful affiliate marketing business. I am no longer looking for a short cut. Mark drilled that into my head!

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