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How do I change the text color of the articles in AffiloTheme?

To change the color of the text of your articles on a Wordpress site where you use AffiloTheme, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to your Wordpress dashboard. If your site is hosted on Affilojetpack Hosting, then you can access your site from within the Affilojetpack members areaHover your mouse above the domain name on the sidebar, and the click "Website Admin" from the dropdown menu that comes up. 

  2. Click the Colors and Fonts on the AffiloTheme menu

Affilotheme Colors and Fonts

  1. Enter your the color hex code in the box provided under the Page/Post Content in the Content Fonts section. You may also select a color using the built-in color picker

Note: The Page/Post Content color settings does not change the colors of your links and header tags. If you would like to modify the color of your links and header tags, you will have to set them individually in the options provided under the Content Fonts section.

  1. Click Save Settings.


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