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Can I Outsource Review Articles?

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Can I Outsource Review Articles?

I would like to add some review content to my website but, I am not sure exactly how to do it.

I really don't enjoy writing and would like to outsource it to iWriter.

Whats the best way to do this?

Can you outsource review articles?

What is the best format for a review?

I'm guessing they need to have the product to review it right. Just wanted to hear a good way to do it.

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You can outsource any article you need, including review articles. You can create an account in websites like iWriter and put up an ad to let the writers know what you would like done. They don't need to have the actual product to review it, but to give them access to it would help a lot.

Mark recommends iWriter and he shares how you can outsource through there:
3 Good Reasons to try iWriter

Affiloblueprint includes some guidelines on how you can outsource on sites like iWriter and eLance. If you have Affiloblueprint, you can check out the Resources sidebar on the Step 2 lessons page.
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