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Need some help about website visitors and webpage issues?

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Need some help about website visitors and webpage issues?

hello experts,
i need some help about website visitors and my web page landing pages issues
currently i have website i got user from USA. i check my google analytics traffic medium it will show user are DIRECT Entry... ok is not problem.. but the problem is visitors are view landing pages like.. " " this is the problem.. i don't have this type of pages... but my daily visitors are view this type of link what is the problem??? can any one help me??
if this is daily occur google will index this type of pages it will decrease my website value and traffic....
i think autoupdater is virus or not???
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This is something that you will need to discuss with an expert developer to know why you are getting visits from a link or page you do not own.
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These are the phrases that tell you how visitors reach your Web site and how they move through the Web site. The way a visitor navigates a Web site is known as a click path.
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