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Elementor - anybody know about it?

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Elementor - anybody know about it?

Howdy folks! I watched a lot of videos on YouTube, and it seems that ELEMENTOR is used quite often in building a website. Yet, when I do a search here on this forum....NOTHING comes up.
    What might I be doing wrong on my 'search' her on this forum?
    What are your thoughts about Elementor?
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Elementor is very easy to use, even for people with zero knowledge in programming. The theme is just a drag and drop that you do not need any website building skills to start.

We cover affiliate marketing topics here mostly, not just website building and there are so many themes beside Elementor as well. So expect that people won't be discussing it here. You can find more information on website building or themes forum if you like to know more about this theme.
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Elementor is the least demanding to handle of the page developers, and it's likewise the one that conveys you the most highlights for nothing. Basically, it's the ideal DIY answer for individuals who need to make marvelous page plans completely all alone without having any coding aptitudes, HTML or CSS information.
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Elementor is a WordPress drag-and-drop page creator. Using a visual editor, this plugin lets you create beautiful websites. It's designed for you to quickly create interactive websites. This WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage each part of the design of your website on a single platform.
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Elementor helps you add advanced styling, layout, and design elements to your WordPress content without requiring you to know code. Just drag and drop.
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If you have paid plan, then it will be very beneficial but free version is not really worth it.
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Elementor is the ultimate free WordPress page builder that helps you to create the easiest and fastest way to create beautiful WordPress websites.

Elementor is the first and is still the only frontend page creator to offer limitless design possibilities. It includes hundreds of useful widgets, an amazingly crafted template library, a specific toolset for mobile editing, and a feature for visual revision history. In fact, these are just some of the characteristics available in this free plugin for, In fact, these are just some of the characteristics available in this free plugin for you.
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