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Download page

I've been following Aletta's videos ... I am trying to add a video as a 2nd option on my download page. I copied the book section (which, BTW, looks exactly like it should). I added a picture of video with bullet points but the bullet points are right next to the video, not spaced over. The formatting is the same as the book. I did a small pic that *looks* like about same size as the ebook size. It doesn't let me indent (button is not active in visual) and I don't know what code to use.


Thank you!

(Here's the link for my download page:
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Hello makingbusinessesmobile,

I have fixed the alignment issue for you -

What happened was when you added your video image you had not added it between the short codes "[one_third][/one_third]" as shown in Aletta's video.

Hope this helps!
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