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How do I improve click-through rates?

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How do I improve click-through rates?

Hello everyone! How do I improve click-through rates?
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Hi Alex,

A good content is not enough to get really good click through rates. You may improve your CTR using the tips below:

*Cut down your content to just the essentials. Be direct to the point so your readers can quickly read your content in a matter of minutes
*Your content should motivate your readers so they take action after reading
*Include multiple (useful and related) links within your content to properly guide your readers on what page or content they need to visit and read
*Include a video or a good graphic for your content
*Follow up quickly at the end of your content by adding a good call to action in the end. This will also help increase the engagement and action from your readers
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We all know that a higher click-through rate means higher relevancy and Google loves relevancy. Google gives much importance on a quality score and that quality score depends on your landing page & your website's content. so, first of all, make sure of these points.

These are some methods to increase your CTR-
*Put the main keyword you’re bidding on in the URL of your ad.
*Countdown Timers.
*Use ad extensions to increase visibility.
*Raising Bids.
*Use Calls To Action.
*Use symbols to get attention.
*Before writing a word of ad copy, get to know your audience.
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Start producing urgency with countdown timers.
Use ad extensions to increase visibility.
Use symbols to get attention.
Place the most important keyword you are bidding on in the URL of your advertisement.
Telephone your readers to act to find the click on .
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Research long-tail keywords
Write effective meta descriptions
Implement structured data
Create posts with images
Use descriptive URLs
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Keyword & Ad Dating
Keywords In Your Display URL
Countdown Timers
Ad Extensions
Negative Details
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