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Anyone tried claim.io?

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Anyone tried claim.io?

Just came across this today and was wondering if anyone has tried it out? http://claim.io/welcome

Apparently it will claim your name (or business name) on 300 different social networks and automatically post your brand and logo.
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Based on what I have read, this company will register your name or brand into the top 300 social networking sites saving you a lot of time if you want to create an account on each sites. I am not sure though how they verify if you really own a certain brand before they register it for you. What if someone uses their service to 'claim' another company's name? :)
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This could be a great tool to use for any of us doing SEO for business clients. The price is not bad, especially for business purposes or if you have a strong brand that you want to protect.

Thanks for finding this Grace, I hadn't heard of it before.


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