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A blog to complement a website - Is it a good idea?

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A blog to complement a website - Is it a good idea?

Let suppose I have a website from where I sell a product. Is it a good idea to start a blog so it complements that website? In other words if I start writing blog posts and connect my primary website via those posts, can I get more visitors to my primary website? What is this kind of linking called? Have you done this kind of linking in the past?
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The process is called linkbuilding. You build links that links back to your website to build "backlinks". Backlinks is one of the many factors to rise up in the search engine's pages.

Of course, the best way to build links back to your site is to just let its "nature takes its course". This means, you focus on building more content and backlinks will follow naturally.
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By the way, it is important to avoid cross-posting. This means that the content on both resources should be different. For example, you can place headline and link on your website, while the full article is on the blog page. You can also use social networks like FB or Twitter for doing the same: placing announces and redirecting visitors to your main website or blog.
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Having a blog to complement your website is always a good idea. Just make sure your content adds value to your readers and you back your claims and processes with data. :)
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