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How to fix sitemap issues?

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How to fix sitemap issues?

Hi Friends,

I have created a website https://www.modiind.com/ in HTML PHP But When I checked its sitemap https://www.modiind.com/sitemap.xml, It showing Error ?

How to Fix this issue?

Please help.

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Ramesh Mishra
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Hi m3156123,

It is not showing an error on my end. It shows a malformed sitemap.

Your website was not built using WordPress. Hence, you will need to create your sitemap manually. Please visit this site to learn how to manually create a sitemap.

You may also create your sitemap using online sitemap generators such as XML-Sitemaps.com or SiteMapsPal.com.
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Howdy Everyone,

Creating an XML or HTML sitemap is no longer a hassle. I explain some terms that how to fix sitemap issues:
To do that in Google;
1: Log into your Webmaster tools homepage
2: Click on the website
3: Click on Sitemaps under Crawl
4: Select the sitemaps you would like to resubmit
5: Click on the Resubmit button to complete the process

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