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Difference in keyword volume

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Difference in keyword volume

I was looking through the Google keyword data for the keyword "betta fish toys" on three different websites:

kwfinder - 1,152 (united states) 1,121 (global)
Google KWP - 1k-10k (united states) 1,900 (global)
serpstat - 720
semrush - 720 (united states)

Obviously there's quite a big difference between 1,152 and 720.

This difference I have noted for all the keywords I've tried. Interestingly the Google KWP results seem closer to the KWfinder results than the other 2 services.

So what do you think have you noticed this difference ?
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The monthly search values of keywords tend to differ among SEO/keyword tools. This is because these tools get their data from different sources.

You can try running the same search on Affilotools and you will get a different number. It'll be closer to the Goolge KWP results, but it will not be the exact same value. This is because Affilotools gets it data from a source other than Google.

You can run the same search on Traffic Travis, and you're likely to get a number close to the Google KWP value, maybe exactly the same, since Traffic Travis gets its data from Google.
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Monthly search volumes of keywords tend to differ among SEO/keyword tools as tools may get their data from different channels. So, I would say that stick to one source and know the search for keywords.
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Every tool and website show you data on behalf of their different resources. I think you should try only one resource which helps you to identify the results.
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Keyword search volume is typically averaged over a set timeframe to provide marketers with a general idea of a search term's competitiveness and overall volume.
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The moral of the story is you need to stick to the keyword tool you're comfortable with. All the aforementioned websites get their data from different sources. You just have to choose the tool that works for you.
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As the term implies, keyword search volume refers to the volume (or number) of searches for a particular keyword in a given timeframe. Keyword search volume is typically averaged over a set timeframe to provide marketers with a general idea of a search term’s competitiveness and overall volume. This data is often contextualized within specific timeframes to allow SEO and marketers to see how certain keywords drive traffic over time.

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Every instrument and site show you information on behalf of the various sources. I believe that you should try just 1 resource that enables you to spot the exact outcomes.
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