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How do I locate the "cheat sheets" ?

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How do I locate the "cheat sheets" ?

Going crazy for 2 days now, looking for the cheat sheets to aid with developing content for my web page. Can anyone tell me simply HOW I locate the aids we can use for our web sites content?
Many Thanks...Liz USA
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The cheat sheets are probably the content ideas under the jetpack content on your right. I believe. So far I have not seen anything called "Cheat Sheets" under the jetpack content either.

Downloading it will show you about 20 researched articles which you are supposed to tweak and fine tune it to your liking.

Your content has to be at least 700 words incorporating your keywords in the articles.
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Hello there,

You can find the promised cheat sheets under each niche. First select the niche you want to look into and refer to the right side menu panel where you will find 'Content Ideas' please click on this to view the promised "content cheat sheets" - ... t.png?dl=0

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