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System ready? Now you need TARGETED TRAFFIC. I can help!

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System ready? Now you need TARGETED TRAFFIC. I can help!

Hey everyone, listen up, I got something I want to share with you..

First of all, I've been with Affilorama for years and even though I moved on to different areas of Internet Marketing, I still owe it to Affilorama for making me my FIRST ever check made from the internet!

And I want to return the favor back to the members here.

With that being said, I'm running a traffic business when I send YOUR OFFER to my customer base list that is:

Full of Laser-Targeted Buyers who WANTS your product!
Responsive and are conditioned to check out new upcoming offers.
Fresh new leads that are waiting to see what's in store for them!
Loads of Top Tier 1 countries! (US, UK, AU, Can, GB)
(this means that these countries have more spending power)

Want proof of testimonials?
Visit http://www.AlizRockinSolos.net

Here's how it works and further explanation : ****PLEASE READ****

Affilorama is one of the best place for any newbies to get their feet wet into the Internet Marketing/MakeMoneyOnline

After setting up all of the needed components (e.g, domain, hosting, website, autoresponder), you need one last thing,
(and the most important) traffic. Not just any traffic but TARGETED traffic.

This is where my service comes in.

After payment, you'll send me a tracking link to your squeeze/landing page.
(Why tracked? So you'll know how many clicks and optins you're getting so you'll know how your offer is converting)

Once I got your link, I will schedule your link to run on a my earliest available date.

When completed, I will update you on the final stats, and you tell me if you got good signup rate thru your squeeze page, and how many sales you've got!

What's so special by taking up this service with me?

First, I believe in giving value to my customers. If you take up this order, I will guide you personally, showing you how to further monetize your funnel to make YOU get a good ROI.

Second, if you need advice on your squeeze page, I'm doing this Free-of-Charge!.

Thirdly, I'm willing to drop my normal prices JUST for Affilorama students. (Just tell me that you saw this post from Affilorama forum)

Interested to get your affiliate marketing to a whole new level?
Hit me up!


email: alizjkrocks@gmail.com
skype: alizjkrocks

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AJ is amazing. Absolutely pleased with his proven method of teaching and course guidance. He's genuine and here to help others make a pretty good income online. Since being a newbie it was hard to know what product was for me, what route of IM I wanted to do or who to believe. I gave AJ a try and he's helped me to another of success. He assured me that if I follow his lead i'll succeed... he didn't let me down.
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