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Affliorama affiliate program issues

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Affliorama affiliate program issues

I have signed up to affilorama affiliate program and found that the affiliate links direct a person to www.affilorama.com where a prospective lead may sign up for free tutorials. However, If a person click on any of the products e.g. affiloblueprint the person is directed to the sales page (http://www.affilorama.com/affiloblueprint) which has a sales script.
I personally believe that sales conversions would be higher if the affiliate link directs a person directly to the sales page than to the free sign up page. I have had over 215 click through on my affilorama hop links but no conversions, its kind of discouraging for affiliates Please help -Mario
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Hi mate,

You can link directly to the sales pages for our paid products (Affilorama Premium, AffiloTheme, AffiloJetpack, and AffiloBlueprint). You can get the links for these from affilorama.com/affiliates OR use this formula:

http://www.affilorama.com/affilobluepri ... LICKBANKID

This example would be your affiliate link for AffiloBlueprint.

Furthermore, if you send someone to the free homepage with your affiliate link and they buy while your cookie is active on their machine, then you will still make money :)
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