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What to do...

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What to do...

Hey guys, having some problems and just seeking some advice.

Really unsure what to do with one of my sites - http://www.clickfitpro.com - continue building? Flip it? Leave it and move on?

The site is ranking terribly (last page of serps for all keywords) and appears to be stuck in a filter/penalty which I don't know how to work my way out from. Obviously, it's in a very competitive niche which doesn't help. Would be great to hear how others in similarly competitive niches are fairing, especially in light of recent algorithm changes from Google. Really starting to question whether this (websites/affiliate marketing) is the right way for me to move forward and not something more along the lines of video (i.e. youtube etc). From my experience, ranking videos is a heck of a lot easier - though have not had any success with conversions.

Any advice/input is most welcome.

Cheers, Jon.
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In order to compete in this niche, you will need to identify longer niche keywords without as much competition, not to say that you can't rank the ones you have, but also, you would benefit by adding a lot more content, turn this site into an authority site on the topic.
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List not growing fast enough?
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Hi Jon,

You may want to also try email marketing to build your own list. This is important, especially if you have interested visitors who want to subscribe to your newsletters. You can market your affiliate products from these newsletters as well.

Try to also add bookmarking options.

Re-evaluate your keywords and like esolutions suggested, try to add easier to rank for keywords.

I hope that helps!

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Yes, that's true that you really go very fast in marketing but can you tell us generousy how did you do it? We want to be one like you. More success in your career.
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