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what is the best traffic method that work for you?

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what is the best traffic method that work for you?

If you have to chose... what method bring you more traffic to your website?
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I always prefer content creation and distribution and focus on article marketing and guest posting. Content is always and has been king. People look online for valuable content and if this kind of marketing/SEO tactic is done right, you will be able to get ranked highly on SERPs plus attract direct traffic as well from blogs and sites you post your content to.

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Agreed on content (which can take many forms).

All commerce is based on providing a solution to a problem. Pinpoint problems and provide solid tips and solutions through content.
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I'm learning that more and more every day I'm online that
you have to provide value to the people that visit your
your site before you even have a chance to entice them with
your offer.
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Article marketing has brought me traffic. I have never been good at paid traffic :(
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When we first started our site in '06' we grabbed a handful of the top super affiliates at the time (maybe someday that will be all you guys and gals), and worked with them to promote the site, after that it's been all about giving value, because now the majority of traffic we get comes from word of mouth, and our brand keywords.

Content Marketing is something we are just getting started with and hope to become authoritative at too.
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Forum posting and social sites - at this moment this is the best for me
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