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How to start working as an affiliate in affilorama

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How to start working as an affiliate in affilorama

Hello forum members can someone share a simple idea on how to work with affilorama.
As I am a new member here just a simple idea will be splendid.
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You can start with our free lessons in affiliate marketing here:

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Not sure which Affilorama tool you need? Take the quiz! http://www.affilorama.com/redirect/quiz

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Out of the Affilorama’s Lessons I’d consider this one at first

How to start working as an affiliate in affilorama
4 Steps to Finding Profitable Affiliate Niches
I like that the goal is set from the beginning: The Goal: Find a Niche that Will Consistently Make Money.
„Consistently“ is the key word here.

Step 1: Check out the Categories in the ClickBank Marketplace
Step 2: Filter out Products that Aren't Selling
Step 3: Browse the Site to Find the Best Niche Options
Step 4: Dig a Little Deeper; Look at the Sales Pages

… but I like especially the last 3 points
A) Is this Niche “Evergreen”?
B) Are People Searching for this Topic in Search Engines?
C) Do You Like this Niche?

This last one is good advice.
If you have some passion in a product, you will be a much better seller of it than your competition.
A college friend of mine, first job after college, worked as an agent for a company that produced furnitures.
One day he said, I cannot sell this armchair. I don’t think it is good value compared to its price. I see that I’m not convincing when I pitch it.
I was jung, I didn’t know about these mechanics, I was baffled.
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