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Google Rant

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Google Rant

Hey Everyone,

It's time for me to rant about Google and their never ending quest to prove they suffer from rectal cranial inversion. Take a look at these 2 sites in the same niche.

http://www.removeskintagsyourself.info/ ... -yourself/



The keyword is "removing skin tags yourself"

Can you guess which one is on the first page of google and which one is no where to be found?

Which one is a thin affiliate site and which one is an even thinner affiliate site?

I'm sick of big G and wish they would become little g like yesterday.

Rant off.
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Hi Carl,

I feel you. Google is trying to weed out sites like these but I guess there are some (like this one) that keeps slipping through the cracks. I think the main issue here is, as Sam pointed out on his blog post about the EMD algorithm, is that Google is not at all consistent with these algorithm changes.

Times like this it is best to look for alternate traffic. No harm optimizing your pages for the search engines of course, but I think moving forward you should also look at getting traffic from other sources like social media.

All the best!
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Hi Carlmasure,

In addition to what Cecille said, Google is still just a search engine. There are flaws in their algo and since these are just recently released, the codes can have bugs and may be inconsistent. It really sucks.

Thus, the best way to do here is move on and find other avenues to get traffic. Getting direct traffic is a good way to start. You may search for ways to get direct traffic. You may do guest posting, blog commenting, and forum posting.

I hope that helps!

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I feel your pain man,

At one time I had about 60 EMD sites all on page one of google.

I used to slap them up with Amazon and Ebay plugins in about 30 minutes each.

They all went so far off the front page now that even Traffic Travis couldn't find them.

I guess my spamy sites were part of the reason that Google cracked down. Sorry.
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JC Dean
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one thing I have noticed over the past year is I used to be higher up in yahoo then google but over the last year my yahoo page placement has slipped while in google I have climbed much farther towards the top. I read over my site all the time and make little changes to make it read better and sometimes add a paragraph with a little more info and place keywords in different places that of course make sense but at the same time knowing not to have too many keywords in the article most often I will only have 4 keywords for every 1000 words.

So as I make everything better as I said it goes up in google and either stays in the same place on yahoo or goes a little backwards. Most of my pages are in the top 5 pages of both yahoo and google but have flip flopped as to which search engine it is higher in. I would think that improving my sites pages I would move higher up in both but it doesn't seem like yahoo is keeping up with things, bing as well.

Yahoo index shows 30 pages while google shows 84 pages indexed and I have done nothing different between both. For a long time every time I would add a page I would update my site map with both bing and google webmaster tools but haven't done that in a while so I don't understand why bing and yahoo only show one third as many pages indexed as google.
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Google used to be so awesome about 5 years ago. These days, it is getting far too complicated, and this is making life much harder for affiliates. I guess Google is doing all of this to make their search engine more useful for visitors, at the expense of everyone else who is trying to earn an income.
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