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Speed PPC Review

Speed PPC Review

Last week you may have heard a lot of noise surrounding the launch of Speed PPC .

For those of you who don’t know, Speed PPC allows you to build incredibly fast, highly targeted pay per click campaigns for Google and MSN (and Yahoo for that matter, as you can easily import your Speed PPC-built Google ads into Yahoo). And also helps you to build a landing page and customize the words on that page to fit the keywords you’ve entered.

There is a lot of merit in Speed PPC. The basic idea is that in any market there is usually a core set of search keywords, followed by an incredibly long tail of targeted keywords. The problem with targeting long-tail keywords in PPC campaigns is simply the sheer amount of time and effort that needs to be put into creating these campaigns and designing targeted landing pages for the keywords. If you're creating adgroups and landing pages for thirty keywords then it's usually not so much of a problem doing it manually... but for a couple of thousand long tail search terms? No thanks!

If I’ve lost you, don’t worry, here’s an example:

Lets say you are a member of Commission Junction and you decide to promote an online dating product.

The main search terms for this market are:

online dating
online dating site
on line dating

.... and so forth.

But the deeper matches are search terms like:

los angeles online dating
online dating los angeles
meet someone online in los angeles
find a date los angeles
los angeles dating
meet a woman los angeles
meet a man los angeles


The problem is, by the time you’ve set up a separate ad group for the top 200 cities in the United States, plus all the different US states, plus a whole host of other countries (Canada, UK and so forth), you find that you have had to set up HUNDREDS of adgroups, not to mention writing targeted ads AND landing pages for each of these.

Hard work eh?

Well, I’m one of those guys who does that. In fact, till Speed PPC came along I had been using some software I’d developed in-house that made it a little easier. But I have to say it's nowhere near as easy to use, nor comprehensive as Speed PPC.

Basically, using Speed PPC I can set up all these hundreds of adgroups and landing pages in a matter of hours.

Speed PPC claims it takes 12 minutes, but there is more to it than that. They don’t tell you about how long it actually takes to upload the campaigns, nor do they account for the amount of time it takes to design your landing page and so forth. But within about half a day I can do what used to take me (or one of my staff members) over a week to set up.

Powerful stuff. Here are some screencaps:

Speed PPC screencap

speed ppc screencap

Speed ppc screencap

The biggest problem I have faced so far using Speed PPC has been with my Google Adwords account limit. The first time I used Speed PPC I tried to add about 35,000 keywords across about 680 adgroups. Google sort of gasped and said I was over my limit.

Note that Google, being Google, won't actually tell you what this "limit" is, and they won't raise it unless you provide them with a good reason. I gave them a good reason and they bumped it up for me, although I later changed my mind about running with 35,000 keywords. Even for me, that's going a little overboard! Fortunately Speed PPC explains how to reduce the number of adgroups in a campaign properly, so you don't end up bidding on too many keywords that don't get any searches.

So far I’ve only been using Speed PPC for a short time for one campaign with about 200 adgroups in it and about 6000 keywords. I went for very, VERY niched keywords with search volumes so low that I normally would not have bothered to set up adgroups for them.

And the results so far? I'm currently sitting $100 in profit for this campaign. Not anything to write home about, but it is just my first test, and I have started out with very niched search terms.

In conclusion:

If you are serious about making big money from PPC then I’m certain that this will be a big help to you. If you are a newbie, it’s probably too expensive right now and you should be doing everything manually until you get to experience the benefits of creating targeted campaigns.

I’ll make a video on my use of Speed PPC in about 6 months time (when I have some solid profits to show from it). I’m certain I’ll be making a lot of money out of this tool.

If you are already making money from PPC, then you should definitely check out the video demo of Speed PPC.

Check it out.

All the best!!

Mark Ling

P.S. I have recently finished recording a camtasia video interview with an affiliate who is earning over $100k a month from pay per click search engines. Seeing as this interview was so good I’ve decided that I’m going to put this video on Youtube and on my blog. You’ll learn a LOT from it, so stay tuned for more info!

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  • Reply Michael Lampart • 4407 days ago

    Sheeeeez, you have NO IDEA how much time this is going to save me. Thanks, that was a really useful blog post.

    Mike Lampart

  • Reply Sarah • 4407 days ago

    Don't you think that this software is way too expensive? I mean, it looks like it is very good and all, but I could buy my kids an xbox for that price!


  • Reply Sean • 4402 days ago

    Looks like an interesting piece of software. Thanks for the review Mark.

  • Reply Kang • 4153 days ago

    Thanks for the review Mark.

    I just bought it and am looking forward to experiencing its power :)

  • Reply max ravi3796 days ago


    I recently heard a new ppc campaign software adwords accelerator .Has anybody used it ?
    It seems much cheaper than speedppc and efficientppc.
    its cost only $299.
    Chk out this blog for detail review:



  • Reply Daniel Acker3794 days ago

    I been using it; I like the tool and I like the low key tutorials Steve Juth, (the creator of the program), offers up. Seems more educational and less hype.

  • Reply Freddie • 3751 days ago

    I use it, its expensive but genuinelly very very good.

    You can borow mine if you wish ;-)

  • Reply Mary Fox • 3728 days ago

    Yes what a good review of speed ppc I have been looking for something like this to promote my site.

  • Reply Anant Mishra • 3621 days ago

    My newly setup CPC account still under review since 7 working days after payment we made to Google. No idea how long it's taking.


  • Reply rausch classics • 3455 days ago

    Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  • Reply harjit singh2800 days ago

    Happy to see that Affilorama is recommending SpeedPPC. I already have made mind to buy it but will the Affilorama hosting services will allow for it (An extract from SpeedPPc site): "2) Affiliate Datafeed/ Advanced Landing Page Generator
    Our most advanced landing page system will have your mind spinning with ideas. It allows you to load product/item/affiliate datafeed CSV files into our software (which you install on your server) and you can dynamically generate detailed landing pages on the fly simply by passing keywords into it. Insanely powerful."

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