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Introducing Internet 101

Introducing Internet 101

Hey Everyone,

This week I'm heading to Seattle to catch up with my friends from college (Go UW!), but that doesn't mean I won't be blogging. I've written a few posts about a little side project I've been working on.

You see, there is a massive problem with the web – it's called assumption of knowledge. Pretty much wherever you go and whatever you do, people assume you have a certain level of knowledge about the web and how things work. Now that's fine because you can imagine how long web pages would be if everyone had to explain things for the absolute beginner! But where is someone suppose to go to learn all this stuff? The internet doesn't come with a user manual. You have to teach yourself.

As a result, even many relatively experienced internet users have big gaps in their knowledge – not such a problem for day to day surfing, but when people start trying to make money on the web, those knowledge gaps soon become profit sinkholes – simple mistakes that cause you to lose time and money without even realizing why!

That's why here at Affilorama we've created Internet 101, a beginner's guide to the web. We've assembled a bunch of information from around the web and tried to explain the different aspects of the internet in a simple, easy to understand way.

We cover 4 main areas, Internet Basics, Internet Navigation, Social Media and eCommerce. This is by no means a complete and comprehensive guide to everything – but we hope it's a pretty good starting point.

I encourage you to take a look at this new site module. I know many of you will be advanced internet users, but I can almost guarantee that you know someone who isn't. A friend? A parent? A grandparent? And you may be surprised – you could learn about a new aspect of the web that you've never even heard of!

I've tried to make this guide as simple and easy to use as possible so that anyone should be able to understand it and I've also embedded a bunch of really helpful YouTube videos that explain things really clearly.

In the next few weeks I'll add some quick blog posts that will go into a little more detail about what Internet 101 covers, until then, check it out for yourself at:


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  • Reply 3723 days ago

    A fantastic new addition to the site!

  • Reply 3723 days ago

    Awesome resource and a great way to get a solid understanding of the internet.

  • Reply Kari Halstead3723 days ago

    Excellent resource...I am definitely sending my parents to check this out. Believe it or not, they just got their first computer ever last month & I have been teaching them the basics of how to use email & surf the net. This makes my job much easier...Thanks!

  • Reply jason blayde3722 days ago

    chris you are a savant. every time you come up with great content. i love it. thanks for this, i think it will fill a huge need.



  • Reply Kathaleen Dunford3722 days ago

    Hi Khalstead,

    I agree and I have done the same with my parents. :)

    Thanks so much, Mark!

  • Reply Troy Todd3720 days ago

    Great Job Chris.
    I am sure lots of people will find this useful.

  • Reply Grace Harman3717 days ago

    Wow excellent stuff Chris - Thousands of people under 30 will be crying tears of joy and gratitude when they realise they no longer need to spend hours coaching their parents through the big bad world of the interweb!

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